HC asset management




Investment is one of the major missions for finance and it must support growth. We take the universal truth that business finance should “support growth” as the starting point. We believe our own role should be to appropriately extend finance with good use of intellectual cooperation through HC (human capital) in response to financial needs that span both time and location. We discover sources of growth and investment opportunities, develop creative finance methods and contribute to people’s and social growth in order to create a bright future by responding to social capital requirements through tie-ups with innovative finance experts who share our philosophical and ideological values.


As a provider of business finance
We fulfill our social mission as a provider of business finance by creating new investment targets and rebuilding business finance schemes to supplement the traditional finance function.
Responding to social capital requirements
Our reason for only investing in capital requirements with an underlying social demand is that we can stably generate appropriate returns by financing sectors said to have social demand and by supporting growth. In addition, by investing in areas that highlight the social necessity of finance, we logically cannot pursue profits in excess of what is socially valid.
Discovering the source of growth and investment opportunities
We discover investment opportunities in light of strict criteria by seeking out the themes that will become the source of growth from the entire world.
Uncovering innovative finance experts from around the world
We uncover innovative finance experts who share our philosophical and ideological values and focus on leveraging the development of creative financial methods and adopting our proprietary methods of outsourcing investment management.