HC asset management


  • 2018

    • Joined the Investment Trust Association, Japan

  • 2017

    • Announced review of compliance with Fiduciary Declaration according to the business year

    • Revised the Fiduciary Declaration

  • 2016

    • Announced monitoring result of compliance with Fiduciary Declaration for the previous year

  • 2015

    • Formulated “Fiduciary Declaration”

      We work exclusively for the benefit of our clients i.e. we commit with an explicit declaration to clients that we shall not seek any other profit for ourselves nor for third parties apart from reasonable remuneration.

  • 2014

    • Announced the basic policy on principles for Japan’s Stewardship Code and the Principles for Responsible Investment.

    • Accepted the principles of Japan’s Stewardship Code

    • Accepted the Principles for Responsible Investment

    • Held the first “Business Finance Forum”

  • 2013

    • Joined the Japan Securities Dealers Association

      Commenced investment banking

    • Registered as a Type I financial instruments business and a Type II financial instruments business Held the 10th Anniversary Business Finance Forum

    • Held the 10th Anniversary Business Finance Forum

  • 2012

    • 10th Anniversary of establishment

    • Launched HC 10th Anniversary website

      10th Anniversary (Japanese website only)
    • Relocated the main office to 2-11 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

    • Launched HC Facebook

  • 2011

    • Launched English website “Investment in Japan” for global investors interested in investment opportunities in Japan

      Investment in Japan
  • 2008

    • Launched Japanese website “From HC” for professional investors

      fromHC (Japanese website only)
    • Held the first “HC Monthly Investment Seminar”

  • 2003

    • Acquired license to provide discretionary investment management services

    • Joined the Japan Securities Investment Advisers Association

      (Now, the Japan Investment Advisers Association)

    • Registered as an investment advisory firm

      Commenced investment advisory and agency services

  • 2002

    • Established HC Asset Management Co., Ltd.

      The main office at 1-13 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo